Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is my credit score affected when I shop around for car insurance?

Is it?
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not affected, but they may check it.
Yes, the more you shop around the more it is affected.
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Should Moslem Taxi Drivers and Bus Drivers be allowed to refuse service if a seeing-eye dog is involved?

Attached is an unbelievable story about a man denied entry to a public bus because the bus driver and/or moslem passengers have religious aversions to dogs.


Would it help resolve the public debt if all cities did this?

A City Outsources Everything. Sky Doesnt Fall.


While many communities are fearfully contemplating extensive cuts, Maywood says it is the first city in the nation in the current downturn to take an ax to everyone.

The citizens love it. They had a lousy copshop with police abusing their authority, now they have people who can be fired. Public works and other functions get done by contractors.


WW3: Who will win? What are going to be the damages going to be like?

U.S, Israel, NATO vs. Iran-Hezbollah,Russia,China,Syria,Turkey

Well I really don

News story. White baby born to black couple in NHS ward- Bets on white couple have black baby in same hospital?

Actually it is not unusual for a Black baby to start out VERY pale and then darken over a few weeks.

I used to work in OB and saw this happen. In one case it created serious marital problems between the husband and wife because he couldn

Should Neutron Bomb development be renewed?

Development of the neutron bomb was discontinued during the Jimmy Carter administration because the detonation left everything intact except whatever happened to be alive within the blast zone. Entire cities and their infrastructures could be kept undamaged while killing off the living things. Virtually no lingering radiation and fallout.

If the US still has a few scientists capable of inventing or developing things wouldn

Are you that wannabe that you read The New York Times?

When you live in LA? Starbucks has New York Times, why? Is that newspaper better than LA? or is it just for stocks? or idk why.

Someone tell me
It is the best newspaper the U.S. has. It is well-written and well-edited. Its staff writers are among the best in daily journalism. The newspaper sets the news agenda in the U.S. -- meaning that what the newspaper writes and reports is vigorously followed by every other newspaper and broadcast outlet in the U.S. The newspaper has its quirks, but few papers come close to its quality.
different point of view.....different side of view...
It is honestly better than most papers. If you consistently read it, you begin to notice that many news services and other papers either buy stories from the times or mysteriously write nearly the same story a few days after the times.

Even its wire stories are consistently several paragraphs compared to my local rag which cuts such stories down to a single paragraph.

Many local papers can be read in a half hour, many local papers are filled with local sports and classifieds.

The New York Times has made a publishing effort to not only compete in New York, but to also Compete with National papers such as USA Today.
Yes, the New York Times is a great new paper. Better than LA? Yes.
bThe NY Times has a far superior crossword puzzle. Ideal for passing the time in Starbucks.